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Arizona Workplace Burn Lawyers
Workplace burn injuries are common.  In addition to those caused by fire, other causes include chemical burns and electrical burns.

In Arizona, employees injured on the job are normally entitled to workers’ compensation from their employer.  In addition, if their injury was caused by someone else – like a defective product or an employee of another company – an injured employee may bring a lawsuit against such other company or the maker of the defective product (and potentially others in the distribution chain of the product).

In construction settings, for example, a worker for one contractor may be injured due to the negligence of a worker for another on-site contractor.  The worker thus may be entitled to bring a lawsuit against such other contractor.

If You or a Loved One Has Been Injured or Burned at Work, and a Contributing Cause of the Injury Was a Defective Product or Other Company, Please Call Us

Once we learn about the nature of your injury, we can advise you if you will likely have an additional cause of action beyond workers’ compensation.

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