Statistics for Gas Grill Burns and Injuries

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With our favorable weather, outdoor cooking is a popular activity in Arizona.  Unfortunately, it can also be hazardous.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), nearly 17,000 people were treated at emergency rooms in the United States in 2012.[1]   While many of those burned were too close to the gas grill (and were burned as the result of coming into contact with a hot grill or when their clothing caught on fire), breaks and leaks in gas lines and containers accounted for about 20% of all fires.[2]

How Are People Burned by Gas Grills?

People can be burned by gas grills in a number of ways:

How You Can Reduce Your Chance of Being Burned

Actions that can be taken to reduce the chance of being burned include the following:

Liability for Gas Grill Burns

Tragically, even when gas grills are being properly operated, burns and injuries can result.  Often, burn and injuries are the result of defective gas tanks, connection hoses, or burners.

If you suspect that a defective gas grill or propane tank was responsible for your burn injuries, please call us.  We can then investigate into the facts and circumstance of your injury to determine possible fault and liability.

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