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Phoenix Electrical Burn Injury Lawyers
If you’ve suffered an electrical burn, you may have suffered serious external and internal injuries.  While external injuries may be easily seen, internal may not be as readily apparent.  It’s important to understand that in addition to external burns to skin, electrical burns can cause serious damage to internal organs, including heart rhythm disturbance and even cardiac arrest.

As a result, in all cases of serious electrical shock medical assistance should be sought.  Physicians and health care providers will be able to determine what testing is prudent to determine whether internal damage has resulted.

Types of Electrical Burns

Electrical burns are the result of heat generated by the flow of electric current through the body.  High skin resistance transforms electrical energy into heat, which produces burns around the entrance point.  Current then flows through the body until it exits the body part closest to the ground. According to OSHA, electrical burns cause serious tissue damage and are one of the most serious types of injuries.

We represent clients in seeking full compensation for all types of burns, including:

Causes of Electrical Burns

Electrical burns may occur in the home, on dangerous premises, or at the workplace. One of the most common causes of electrical burns is construction site accidents, where the use of electric-powered equipment is common.

As Experienced Burn Injury Attorneys, We Seek Full Compensation on Behalf of Our Clients

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